Employability Fund - Isle Work


The Employability Fund Programme works in partnership between Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar, Cothrom and Lews Castle College UHI. The fund is supported by Skills Development Scotland. The programme aims to provide every eligible Participant with an individual programme of guidance and support that will enable and encourage progression to sustained employment, employment with training (including Modern Apprenticeship) or further education.

Training Programme:

Training will be given in accordance with specific needs. There are three Stages to the Employability fund:

  • Stage 2- Core skills and/or employability and/or personal development
  • Stage 3- Employability and/or Vocational and Job Training
  • Stage 4- Pre-employment training and job matching

The entry Stage, progression through Stages and time on the Programme will depend on individual needs.





Please visit  www.skillsdevelopmentscotland.co.uk and  www.myworldofwork.co.uk for further information on Employability Fund or

contact one of the partners below:-


Agnes Macdonald
Cothrom Ltd
South Uist 
HS8 5SB 
Tel: 01878 700910 


Murdo Smith
Lews Castle College
Castle Grounds
Tel: 01851 770000

E-mail:  murdo.smith@lews.uhi.co.uk  



Joanne Gillies or George Whyte
Chief Executive Department
Human Resources Organisational Development
Accredited Training & Skills
Sandwick Road 
Isle of Lewis
HS1 2BW  
Tel: 01851 822715 


E-mail: george.whyte@cne-siar.gov.uk .

Skills Development Scotland
30 Francis Street
Tel: 01851 708900
Fax: 01851 705874