PC Passport


About PC Passport

This is a flexible, inclusive scheme with three skill levels to ensure that everyone can benefit.

  • The Beginner Course is ideal for the absolute novice. No prior experience is required for this level and the component Units are very straightforward.
  • The Intermediate Course is designed for the 'competent user' and focuses on the key skills required in the modern workplace.
  • The Advanced Course is designed for IT experts - those individuals who co-workers come to for help.

PC Passport is designed for anyone who wants to develop or improve their IT skills. Because it exists at three levels, most people will find a level to suit their IT needs. PC Passport is particularly suitable for the following individuals:

  • School pupils who want to gain vocational skills.
  • College students who want to acquire IT skills to complement their main field of study.
  • Pre-university students who want a short IT Course prior to commencing university.
  • Unemployed people who want to improve their employability.
  • Employees who want to enhance their IT skills or gain certification for their existing skills.
  • Professionals as part of their continued professional development.
  • Retired people who want to learn to use computers and the internet.

There are no exams in PC Passport. Knowledge and understanding are assessed using objective questions; practical skills are assessed through observation and/or practical exercises .



An adult learner

If you are interested in further learning please contact Cothrom on 01878 700910 or alternatively fill out an enquiry form

Did you know?

Skills Development Scotland offer Individual Learning Accounts of £200 towards training courses. 

Check eligibility and request

an application pack at http://www.myworldofwork.co.uk/content/ila-scotland-funding-for-you